Sunday, December 21, 2008

Come back again!

Dear Guests,

Thank you for visiting during the semester to read my writings and leave your comments. I hope you found your stay inviting and thought provoking. It’s been quite an enjoyable experience for me as well, so much that I will continue to keep the house open even though the class assignment is over. I’m taking a hiatus to update the site (perhaps switching hosts?) and to determine a new purpose… I’m sure it will remain as a design/writing haven.

So, if you’d enjoy your stay at the Gray Suite, please come again. I should be back up for business after the New Year, hopefully with a new a look. I’ll be sure to send out a note for those interested. If you have similar aspirations to continue your blog, please let me know in the comments, so that one, I can continue reading, and two, so that I can (with your permission) keep my suite linked to yours.

Once again, thank you, and see you soon.

Your host,
Heather Van De Mark


Danielle said...

Love your blog and your writing. I'll definitely be tuning back in. If you do happen to switch hosts, I recommend WordPress as your blog engine of choice.

I'll also be keeping my blog open, especially since I'm sure I'll be needing it for future classes.

Have an excellent break, and hopefully we'll land in the same class again soon. It's been fun!

Thursday said...

Please let me know once you're back up and running. You can find my regular blog at

Sam said...

I'll be following your blog for sure!