Friday, December 19, 2008

!!! >:O


Due to my USB not being that great, I have to erase it every time I transfer files on and off it, otherwise it says there is no room and I can't add new/updated files to it. Well, I just erased my 80% completed revision of Project 4: Classification. I previously posted images of this revision in a state of about 30% revised, so you can imagine how different the final revision was going to be. 

AND I JUST DELETED IT ALL!!! At 4p.m. the day before it's due. To make matters worse, I'm subject to the lab hours, so it's not like I can pull an all nighter to redo it. I either attempt to cram it in the next 4 1/2 hours--starting from almost scratch--or let it go, that A grade I tried so hard for, painfully slipping from my grasp. 


Ugh, my blood is rushing. The muscles in my upper body are pulsating. Ugh. I think I know when I'm defeated. 

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Take a Break and Laugh

While we all manage through that final push, I thought I'd post these just for laughs. And I think they're fantastic design. Well, the condoms are.The bear is just funny art. I don't really expect anyone to be checking this, but in case you've fallen into that routine of procrastination of checking everyone's blog before doing any work (not that I do anything like that), then well, here you go, just for you:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Show & Tell: Collections

A little late is better than never... I made that up myself. I wasn't sure if scanning my precious, stuffed Elephant was a good idea, so instead I have these cute odds (not the ends) from my collection. 

One is a beer coaster for Delirium Tremens, playing on the idea of the pink elephant which is quite witty for a beer company. The other is a bracelet from the Buffalo Zoo in NY that reads, I (heart icon) Elephants (elephant icon). Other things in my elephant collection:
  • Statue from Thailand
  • Statue from the Dominican Republic
  • Wooden candle holder
  • Photo of an obelisk that had an elephant at the base of it in Rome, IT
  • Photo of me with a large elephant statue outside of a famous museum in Paris, FR that I can't remember the name of
  • And a tiny little plastic statue that I think came from a gumball machine
I'm amassing quite the collection from people (most of the above were gifts), although I urge them that I'm much more interested in live elephants and not replicas, but they just don't listen.