Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's Good to Be Home

I'm sure this has been much anticipated by my faithful followers, and I am pleased to announce ::sweeping low bow and gesture:: I'M BACK!

All jokery aside, I am returning to write for the Gray Suite. I've been busy in my absence, writing for film review site: (go take a look, but please excuse the disgusting decor and design, not my fault), as well as maintaining the simple and low-brow humor of 24 year olds at (not for the easily offended.) So feel free to visit those, or just curl up with me here in front of a roaring fire and ultra cool, faux bear rug (because killing animals is wrong.)

For those who don't know my plans here they are: I plan to develop a fabulous site designed to all these me and design. The Gray Suite will be transitioned to that site when it's up and running. However, considering I only have designs of the new site on paper in pencil, it won't be any time too soon. Since I enjoy manual labor and getting my hands dirty, I've decided that I'm going to build it myself rather than hire a developer (although, I'm sure I'll have help from friends--right? please?).

In the mean time, I'll be keeping you up to date with some of my work, the site's design and thoughts about whatever I might think up.

So, check back soon.


Sam said...

Good to have you back! I'll stay tuned.

h. van de mark said...

Thanks Sam !