Friday, September 4, 2009

Very Satisfied Customer

I used to big a real make-up junkie. I even wanted to go to beauty school for a while. Things change, and while I'm not as interested in covering myself in pretty colors (or rather, I have less reason to do so) ranging from smoldering to punk, I recently decided, what the hey, I'll go buy some new make-up.

And boy, is it great!!! I got a promo thing in my email from animal friendly, rock n' roll makeup line Urban Decay, and I bought the Urban Decay Book of Shadows vol II. And I was super happy with the product and its packaging.

See photos:

The box: Super pretty, swirly and sturdy. Came with purple ribbon and what looks like foiling or metallic inks.

But there were so many great things inside the box. The peacock print, the large mirror, the pull-open doors, the promo booklet about Urban Decay and oh yeah, the makeup itself.

It gets better--- there were extra goodies that I didn't even pay for! Jackpot. Purple make-up bag, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyeshadow primer sample, and mascara. I mean seriously, that is easily worth $30. Most of these were full size products, not sample. Whoo-hoo.

The lesson?
1. People want to get what they pay for. Urban Decay products while not cheap, obviously look like they're worth the money (i.e. it looks like someone took the time to put this package together nicely.)

2. People want to interact with their purchase/company. Sure I could have just gotten a box of eyeshadows and thrown it in my drawer. Instead, I ooohed and aaahed over it, I played around with it opening and closing things, I read the promo booklet, I took pictures of it and wrote about it!

3. People love a little extra something. Not just because it was free, but because it was a surprise.

Urban Decay, you get two big thumbs up from me. (In case it needs to be said, I have absolutely zero affiliation with Urban Decay.)

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