Saturday, August 29, 2009


So, I've always been fascinated with photographs and images, but honestly, don't know much about them in the scholarly sense. I'm taking a digital photo class this semester, and I'm hoping this will vastly improve my skills. (Although, I'm hoping to find out that I'm not completely lacking in skills ::crossing fingers::)

Recently, I went on vacation to Italy and Switzerland. And took a lot of photos. 500 photos. And as much as I love them, and some are just for memories there are many I want to go back to and work with to make them photographs, and not just snapshots.

Here are a few low-res images that I've been playing around with.

View from the Top:

After the Storm:

Film Exhibit:

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Maureen said...

I guess I was intrigued by the question of scholarship in photography.
It's one thing to know how to take a good photograph, from the beginning and do only minimal touchups with photoshop, and it's totally another thing to create a photo of value to scholarship. The main point underlying every discussion of the study of contemporary photography, is the semblance of truth in the photographic image. Truth, because photos masquerade as objective representations. Truth, because they record things as they happen, without staging.
But in reality photographs have the wonderful ability to completely mislead.