Sunday, June 21, 2009

Short Story

Okay, so this isn't design, but I thought I would share anyway. Previously, I always thought I would be a writer. I've given up the pen recently for pursuits involving manipulating images via photo editing software. But I still love writing, and on a semi-regular basis, I teach some creative writing to some high school students. I try to write when they write and here's what I did:

"Where are we going Dad?" Kerry asked. Kerry was slung across his father's chest in a carrier bag. Kerry hadn't been in a carrier bag since he was young and couldn't fly, but recently his feathers had been molting and not growing back. Kerry hadn't flown for weeks now. This didn't worry Kerry, his parents kept telling him he'd be fine as they swept fallen feathers or smoothed out dying ones.

"We're going to Shadow Grove. Mom wants some special herbs, and I thought you could use some fresh air and sun. Your skin's too blue, it's not healthy." Brunji, Kerry's father, said. He kept his eyes ahead on the lookout for preying birds. Dusk was setting in and the attack birds would be out soon.

Kerry and Brunji soared over the tree tops, ducking up and down. Brunji wasn't yet old, he was still robust and when his wings flapped they sent breezes rippling through the mountains. Kerry stayed nuzzled against his father's white plumage. He didn't worry about predator birds, he was safe. The thrill of flight exited him and made him desperate to fly again. Whatever disease that was ruining his feathers, Kerry was more determined to beat it.

"Dad, when will my feathers grow back?" Brunji didn't answer. Kerry wasn't sure if his father heard him but decided not to ruin the quiet moment.

They circled down, and with ease Brunji landed in the grove. There were no trees, only a large field with a scattering of bushes. The grass was golden in the sun's diminishing glow. Brunji unlocked the carrier with his beak and Kerry hopped out.

"Go stretch your legs." Brunji said as he headed towards the bushes to gather herbs, the carrier case slung across his body. Kerry walked around, touching trees and digging his talons in the dirt.The fireflies began to come out--twirling and teasing Kerry, using their tiny wings to zig and zag just out of reach of Kerry's beak. He paid little attention to his dad who was still keeping an eye on him from the bushes. Kerry flapped his wings, giving them a good flutter in the open space, but no, he certainly couldn't fly with those bare wings.

The rustling stopped from across the way, and Kerry glanced up from his bug game. His father had moved towards him. The night was approaching and shadows encroached, but Kerry could still see the grim look on his father's face.

"Why so blue Dad? What's wrong Dad?" asked Kerry as he started to run to his dad. That look from his dad made Kerry's heart panic. Brunji said nothing, only stared at his son. Brunji extended his wings, he was a giant in the shadows, and swiftly began to rise into the sky.

"DAD!" Kerry yelled, screamed until it echoed through the mountains. Desperately beating his bare wings, trying to reach the air that was separating him and his father.

Brunji flew away through the mountains with all the might he had. The carrier bag empty. He wanted to be far away, removed from the far reaches of echoes, before the predator birds came out for the night.


Adam said...

depressing! but good. but still depressing.

h. van de mark said...

aw, yeah for some reason a lot of my stories end with helpless things dying...

was it a surprise or did you see it coming?