Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Need a Little Lost During the Break?

A project I did for class: Mapping the first 16 days on the island. It's not as detailed as like, my apologies, but summer school is quite compact. I'd love to open it up to show each individual, as well as expand it to show the entire 101 days. That may be a crazy long undertaking though, and am I really that devoted of a fan? Plus, how would I handle the time travel?!


Sam said...

Whoa! That's intense! The diagram looks pretty cool, too. You should totally diagram the whole show. Makes you wonder if the show's writers have.

Danielle said...

Very cool. What class is this for?

h. van de mark said...

Thanks guys! It was Sequential Visualization and Analysis. It's part of the IDIA program. It's a decent class, mainly I like learning about Edward Tufte, that guy is a info-design genuis.