Monday, December 1, 2008

Project 5, Phase 4: Movie

Hello again. If you don't mind repetitiveness, since you'll have to watch this on Saturday, would you mind taking a look at my Phase 4 movie and leaving me a comment for those points where the text goes by too fast or goes by too slow. I'd welcome any other feedback, but this is my biggest concern at the moment. Much appreciated. And, if there is music/sound effects do your best to ignore them, because they're not right at all at the moment. Thanks again. 


Karin Sayan said...

The video is much better now. I have two comments.
1-the white text is hard to read on the light background, maybe see how a darker color text will look.
2- the words do move too fast. Remember Stephanie said she needs to be able to read it 3 times. Just slow done the frames and that will be fixed.

Otherwise everything else is great.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Karin's comments. Are you planning on adding any musical elements? I like the sound effects you've used, but almost wish there was some filler music. Especially at the beginning when the duck is in his boat and it is rocking back and forth. --Danielle

Sam said...

I actually thought the text was fine most of the time. I think your tweaks have really improved this! There's a lot of movement, and it works really well! I would have liked to see the duck actually land, since he says he's going to stick the landing. Here, he says it and then is on the ground, with no visual to show how he did it. Other than that, I think it works really well! Great job!

jmc said...

you're revision is definitely one of the top three most finished, successful videos. You really got a hold on pacing and clean, consistent imagery. You also did a great job with camera angles/closeness.

h. van de mark said...

lol thanks justin, i almost wondering if you meant to leave that on someone elses blog, but i'll take it! i don't feel like it was met with much love, but that's okay. generally speaking i'm quite happy with it, it being my first time with anything movie/animated. and i'm also glad to leave it behind!