Sunday, September 7, 2008

Project 1, Brainstorming

I'm planning on profiling a local jazz musician. Possibilities for the two extra pieces of information:
  • the CityPaper short list of calendar events
  • spotlight on a venue (The Windup Space?)
  • spotlight on a track/song/cd
  • review of a book on music (jazz/experimental theme)
  • special tidbit on jazz history
  • other artists to watch (same genre?)
Is the theme of the page, location--local, Baltimore, or the genre of music--jazz, experimental,?... The genre might be hard to work with since it's not easily defined... It might be easier to wrap everything together under a Baltimore spotlight, but if he's trying to move to the NYC scene, is writing about him in Baltimore, like false pretense...?

I haven't done the interview yet, so I don't know the story or angle. I'm framing the questions around this guy being up and coming... but what's special about that? The fact that he is a good musician is special, special enough to get a profile... but still, what's interesting about that? I'm going to have to think this through more. Will post again after the interview to brainstorm some more.

Found this link for jazz profiles that was helpful. I kept getting biographies that were long and boring. But this site profiles big-name, jazz musicians in a way that is brief and interesting.
Jazz Artist Profiles from

Another look at jazz interviews. Although these are written in Q&A format and are pretty lengthy and biography heavy.
Jazz Interviews from Screwgun Records.

Oh and a plug for him: Adam Hopkins Bass.

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Adam said...

this profile is sure to be interesting. i have a feeling.