Sunday, March 21, 2010

Personal Branding - Part III

I know it's common for "part III" to suck. (Read: The Godfather Part III, Back to the Future Part III (?) and surely, there are others.) I'm hoping that my part III does not suck. In fact, I am so bold, as to hope that it's an improvement, a showing of progress. Would leave to hear what you have to say about them. All feedback welcome! Thanks again!

Currently, I'm leaning towards 1 or 3. Still working out the colors. (Note: the reds are supposed to be red, not pink.) Oh last minute edition -- too cheesy or okay?

Let me know what you think!


Maureen said...

Agreed on 1 and 3. I was actually thinking that before i saw what you wrote. The upside down one just doesn't look enough like Heather...recalls Heater instead for some reason. I like how 3 reconciles the upper crust theme you had in personal branding part II, but I think as lower case the proportion is much easier. cheers!

h. van de mark said...

thanks! that was very insightful. i think i'm going to go with 3. i really like 1, but i think it's just a wee bit boring, and with my last name having those spaces in it, the kerning doesn't line up perfectly. (but then again, it doesn't in #3 either.) but i do think the lowercase letters create a nice shape as opposed to the hard edge in #4... oh decisions decisions. and i've got to make them soon otherwise i'm not going to have anything done in time!

Danielle said...

I agree with your narrowing down to 1 and 3. The third is much more interesting, I think, so that would be my final choice.

Is this for portfolio class?