Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brought to you by the number...

Brought to you by the number 5!
GeoSans Light, Regular, 5

The GeoSans Light, regular, number 5 is a robust looking number. I really like the slant of the stem, it creates a sort of motion within the shape, as if the top half is moving ahead, trying to catch up with 6. The slant directs your eye straight to the end of the curve so that you can't help but see the fullness (or rather emptiness of negative space) of the bowl. The top definitely balances the over-sized bowl. I think if the stem was upright, it would look as if the '5' was sticking out its belly and the shape would have a completely different characteristic to it. This '5' is unassuming, yet it feels interesting and modern.

From Da Font.com

Design Foundry: ---
Designer: Manfred Klein
Date: pre-2005
Classification: Sans Serif

Not much information on GeoSans Light or on Manfred Klein. Klein appears to be a German typographer. But I don't read German, so I can't provide much information. Sorry! But he has a whole lot of type families that you can check out at: http://manfred-klein.ina-mar.com/

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