Sunday, December 27, 2009

Promises and promises

Okay, so I've done this before, all promising things (like a website) that haven't come to fruition. Well, you've got to cut me some slack. I've got a lot of things going on--including laziness, which I am doing my absolute best to correct.

Here are some upcoming things that I'm planning for the blog:

- The letters: a weekly post about my favorite letters and a short bit about why.

- Inspired or insipid. I post one thing that I found truly inspiring and explain why. You leave a nice or nasty comment saying if you agree.

- A 365 project: either photography, drawing or design, or maybe some combination of both. I'll spare showing all seven days work of work (I'm sure some of it will be sub par - it is okay to fail) and just post my favorite for the week.

More explanation will be provided upon commencement. I will totally assign arbitrary days to these weekly posts (I'm thinking Tuesday, Friday and Sunday in that order). I do plan on cleaning up the blog and building a website, so put that into the plan for 2010.

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