Monday, July 20, 2009

Attendance Map of Oriole Park - 2009 Season

(May take a while to load.)
Basically goes through the first half of the Orioles season 2009, showing attendance for each opposing team's series. I thought that by displaying the information (opposing team, game number, percentage in attendance, actual tally of attendance, day of week and time, and whether the Orioles won or loss) this way, it would help the Orioles marketing team look at this data from a new perspective. Why were there huge jumps or major drops in attendance in a series? Which games were just anamolies--such as Matt Weiters pro-baseball debut against Detroit that made the attendance spike to 87% from just 24% the night before--and which games/series have no obvious reason for the climbing attendance--such as Texas' second night when attendance reached 84%, but averages about 45% for the 4-game series.

How can they improve attendance overall? Does a win or loss effect the next day's attendance?
Expect an update when the 2009 season is over.

Song by Warning Track Power, "How Bout Dem Os"

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