Monday, February 16, 2009

Front Page News

A Professor sent me this link and I think it is really quite incredible. (Uses Flash)
Newseum: Front Pages

I really liked it from a news media outlet perspective, but also design wise. Being able to see so many front pages of the same day is quite remarkable. A few days ago, after a plane crashed in Buffalo, NY, I checked the site, and it was clear which papers thought that was an important news story and which ones (like papers in NYC) thought it was an article better saved for the inside sections. Just a great resource to keep an eye on things whenever you're feeling like you're out of options on how to design a piece--remember, hierarchy.


Maureen said... totally overrated. why can't we encourage browsing and allowing ourselves to find something we were not looking for?

h. van de mark said...

the higher ups tell us that the masses prefer their information spoon fed to them. no creative browsing allowed.