Monday, December 8, 2008

Revision: Project 4 (Categories)

Hi everyone. I figure we're all feeling that last push in the semester. Maybe it's early for that... maybe it's just contractions at the moment? I'm starting the revision process, which I was crossing my fingers I wouldn't have to do, but the numbers (letters) just aren't going to add up otherwise. And I'm particularly invested in revising Project 4, because as Prof. Pointer pointed (ha!) out, I have a weakness when it comes to designing with a lot of information. My grid and hierarchy skills leave something to be desired. And for peace of mind, I just can't have that. Below are my revisions, any specific comments you could make I would greatly (!) appreciate-particularly regarding white space, hierarchy and grids. Or anything at all. Thanks!


J. said...

I guess I'm the first one to leave a comment!

I think I have to agree with Amy...there is a lot of information but it's not broken up to give the viewer some relief from all the info. I hope that makes sense :-/ For instance, each of the categories have a lot of information and it just keeps going. But maybe you can adjust your grid or break each of the paragraphs up into 2 columns.

I hope this helps and I didnt confuse you! Also, I think I told you this in class...but I just love the blue!

Danielle said...

Hmm. I like where you are going with your headline, but you've split it up so much it loses its effectiveness.

Have you tried running it along the top of your first page as two lines? "Give a Gift with/Personality," perhaps?

Are you using a three-column grid? What other grids have you tried. Maybe experiment with a five- or six-column grid and then breaking the columns as needed.

You have these lovely doohickeys on the left pages in the upper right. But it gets so lost because you've blocked it off with images.

Also, instead of using completly different types for each of your gift categories, try using the same one, and changing the font for just the type of gift (i.e., Conservative, Hip, etc.)

Hope that makes sense!

jmc said...

Wow! Your work has increased tremendously this semester. Your revisions are visually interesting and thoughtful. congratulations!

Sam said...

I think the spread is definitely visually interesting and colorful. I think it's quite an improvement over your first versions.

I'd try using a 5-column and breaking things up that way. I think you still might have too many typefaces going on here. I usually find it works best to get a really good face with a lot of weights (something like Gotham or Meta for Sans Serif or Minion, Garamond, or Jenson for Serif) and play with weights and the italics, and small caps, rather than switching the typeface up. For me, it provides just the right amount of cohesion between everything while keeping everything unique in its own way. I don't know, it might help!

Anonymous said...

I like what you have done in terms of color and picture selection, but I would have to agree with Danielle that the different font types for subtitles is not working well. Too much going on there. I think your pictures says it all, so you don't have to extend emphasis on the subtitles.

h. van de mark said...

Thank you all for the comments! It's helping me get my brain churning.

Funny, I was originally all about not using multiple fonts, but then Amy stressed it in both critiques, so I switched to multiple fonts and I thought it was alright, and now the consensus seems to be to nix the multiple fonts. I find this verrrry interesting. And you all might have to have my back to Amy, if I revert to the one family multiple faces.