Thursday, November 27, 2008

Week 10 Reading

Yes, I am posting on Thanksgiving. Some people may make a big deal out of this, as in this isn't much of a holiday if I'm doing school work, but what's a better way to chill out and digest than blogging? Probably watching a movie, but blogging it is.

I was anticipating this week's reading, because I have a vested interest in gender studies (I wish more people did). Mainly I tell people I have my degree in English, but I doubled, and also have a degree in Feminist Gender Sexuality Studies. Try not to let the F-word scare you.

More or less I found that McQuade and McQuade had good insights and asked several important questions. I highly suggest:
  • p. 343 Judith Ortiz Cofer's "The Story of my Body"
  • p.353 Marjane Satrapi's excerpt from "Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood" - if you haven't seen the film from this graphic novel, Persepolis, Netflix or rent it IMMEDIATELY. It's brilliant (and entertaining) and showed me a world vastly different from the few stereotypes I had in my head about Iran.
  • p. 366 Jane Slaughter's "A Beaut of a Shiner"
  • p. 370 Portfolio: Nancy Burson
  • p. 378 Susan Bordo's "Never Just Pictures"
  • p. 390 Chris Bollard's "How to Write A Catchy Beer Ad"
  • p. 398 Katha Pollit's "Why Boys Don't Play with Dolls"
  • p. 402 ARMY ad "There's Something About a Soldier"

I don't have a highlight this week, however I will post a few insights I had (immediately following this post--yes one rock, two birds.) But I will end with this food for thought from Pollit's "Why Boys Don't play with Dolls."
Every mother in that room had spent years becoming a person who had to be taken
seriously, not least by herself.


Sam said...

No problem with posting on Thanksgiving! I actually read it on Thanksgiving (only commenting now). Love your blog!

h. van de mark said...

Thanks Sam! I assure you the admiration is 100% mutual.