Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Week Off

Wow, it's a really great thing W&I isn't meeting this week.
With a slip of the hand, I deleted my entire "project 1: profile" folder. Ack. Sigh. So, I'll be spending a good few days redoing it. Thankfully, the project is already handed in. But I feel like I might still need it.

On another note... I'm also spending this week off from W&I figuring out what to do for project 3. I'm thinking on something about reading more/literacy. Or something from The Foundation for a Better Life, because I love this organization and their ads. They have about 30 different values to choose from, so I'm thinking about reading up and then choosing one... but I'm thinking that I might love them too much to redo it well. So, we'll see...


Karin Sayan said...

I am so excited for a week off too. I wonder too about loving something too much to redo it different and better. You know I am doing the veggie thing and it seems like everything has been done and I wonder if it is too close to me (veggie for 14 years) to do well. But Horray for an extra week to think!!!!

Thursday said...

It always sucks to lose project files. I've had it happen before and wouldn't wish it on anyone.